i-Regand is a regression or statistical software that provides computation capabilities for processing of cross-section, time series, panel (pooled), and binary data. The regression methods we provide are chosen from the most popular and commonly used methods among all fields, including OLS, WLS, 2SLS, W2SLS, VAR, VECM, ARCH-GARCH, Fixed and Random Effects, Probit, and Logit. We’ve even provided several methods that aren’t available in desktop software menus, such as threshold regression and FAVAR. The main convenience offered by this application is the ability to perform various types of estimation in a mobile environment, be it online or offline.

i-Regand is a new application for econometrical software android based. This i-Regand software in a smartphone clearly will make it easier for users in analyzing econometrical data. i-Regand become the first software for econometrical with registered patent since April 2018. People can install i-Regand with bit.ly/i-regand using a smartphone, users can own the application. With this application we don’t have to bother using a computer when we analyzing econometrical as what have been done before.