Iman Sugema
  • Telephone / Fax : +62 251 8377 896
  • Email : isugema@gmail.com
  • Organization Unit : Department of Economics and International Center for Applied Finance and Economics (Inter-CAFE)


From March 2013 I took up the position of Head of the TreeX project at Inter-CAFE, an ambitious project to develop education oriented econometric software. The first version of the Trickytreex can be downloaded freely from Trickytreex Prior to that I was the Director of Inter-CAFE (since May 2005).


I have a PhD in economics from the Australian National University, a Masters of Economics (MEc) from the University of New England and Ir from Institut Pertanian Bogor.

Teaching Interests

Econometric Methods (graduate level), Macroeconomics (graduate and under-graduate), Monetary Economics (graduate and under-graduate), Fiscal Analysis (graduate), and Money and Banking (under-graduate).

Research Interests

Indonesia’s macro and monetary economic are the main theme of my research activities. A special interest is the theory of Islamic finance. Computing has become a hobby since I was under-graduate student and so I decided to convert my skill into a software that will enable students to understand the tricks behind the black-box (that is why my econometric software is called the Trickytreex).